The "Best!"

I never really focused on this, but recently someone (and you know who you are....let's call her Lauren) told me that I have a habit of talking about things that I love or have recently discovered calling them "the best....".  The "best" chili you will ever make, the "best" kitchen gadget, the "best" pet hair remover.  You get the idea.  I think the reason I say that is I am very passionate about things I love or discover and want to share them.  I believe that they are truly the "best".

In coming blogs, I will introduce to you some of my favorite "bests".  For this entry I want to share a feature on the iPhone that I have discovered many people do not know about it or how to use it if they have seen it on their phone.  

I have family who live in Oregon, Hawaii, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Illinois.  All in a different time zone than EST.  I am sure my family has wanted to kill me when I would send texts or emails when it was convenient for me, hours when I am awake and on the run and they are ASLEEP!  Phones pinging and ringing throughout the night.

Help is on the way.  In your Settings, under Do Not Disturb you can schedule your phone to be silenced without shutting down or silencing your phone during specific hours.  For example 10pm to 7am.  It gets better, you can scroll further down and Allow Calls From...your Favorites, No One, or Everyone.  So if you want to allow calls from certain friends, family or, and they are in your favorites, you will get that call in the middle of the night.  Genius!  This function will not interfere with your alarm.  For android users, just search Do Not Disturb in your settings and follow the steps.

Sleep well!

A hearty Fall dinner

A hearty Fall dinner

Welcome October!