Home for now...

I have moved a lot over my 59 years.  My father was in the hotel business and I have been married for almost 32 years to someone who is also in this business.  My husband and I along with our two dachshunds have just made a move to the Jersey Shore.  This will be the 12th home I have lived in since I was born.  I will always call Vermont home, it is where I have lived the longest, raised my children and it is my "place".  I loved our home there, and although it was not grand, it was home in every sense of the word.  Driving up the road at the end of the day, once in sight, it called to me and made all the worries of the day disappear.  

Last year I visited a friend on Cape Cod who had a saying on the risers of her steps.  This saying rang so true for me. 

"There is a house so far away I will love with all my bones, but this house now is where I live and this house I call home."  PLB